True Heroines
Police Women Killed in the Line of Duty Throughout the United States 1916-1999

by Dr. William Wilbanks
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About The Author

Dr. William Wilbanks, 59, was Professor of Criminal Justice at Florida International University in Miami FL from 1973-1999 before he retired to a life of travel and writing.  He was born, raised and received his early education in Bell County TX and graduated from Belton TX H.S. in 1958.  He received the Ph.D. in Criminal Justice from the State University of New York at Albany in 1975.

Wilbanks published more than 20 books and more than 70 journal articles and book chapters and appeared on national television more than 30 times from 1981 to 1997, including four appearances on CNN's "Crossfire" and two appearances on CBS's "60 Minutes."  His books include Murder in Miami: An Analysis of Homicide Patterns and Trends in Dade County FL, 1917-1983 and The Make My Day Law: Colorado's Experiment in Home Protection and four prior books by Turner Publications:

Forgotten Heroes: Police Officers Killed in Dade County FL, 1895-  1995.  Turner Pub., 1996

Forgotten Heroes: Police Officers Killed in Greenville County SC,   1797-1996.  Turner Pub., 1997

Forgotten Heroes: Police Officers Killed in Early Florida, 1840-  1925.  Turner Pub., 1998

Forgotten Heroes: Police Officers Killed in Alaska, 1867-1997.    Turner Pub., 1999

Wilbanks' research was responsible for the addition of more than 75 names to the National Law Enforcement Memorial in Washington, D.C.  The more than 100 photographs of officers he collected for the book on Dade County FL officers killed were used to create a "Wall of Honor" at the Dade County Police Academy.  The same photographs are shown each May to the audience at the Dade County Police Memorial Service as the names of the officers are read.  Wilbanks was the keynote speaker at the Dade County memorial service in 1996.

Wilbanks welcomes responses (and questions) to this book and is available to speak on the book on college campuses and elsewhere at:

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