The Different Types of Entryway Lockers

Mar 27th

Do you know if entryway lockers come in much variety of shapes, sizes and also materials? Although most are quite small to accommodate the limited space in an entryway. Wood and metal are the two most common materials for such lockers, but wicker is also quite common. Some lockers come with cubbyholes or lockers for a different aesthetic, and some entryway lockers built into the bench devices for added functionality.

Unique Entryway Lockers
Unique Entryway Lockers

Still others have makeup mirrors, or other accessories to enhance the visual appeal of the space. Custom entryway lockers can be built for a particular space, although these devices tend to be more expensive than others. Some entryway lockers can also be mounted on the wall. These acts more like cubby systems where gloves and hats can be stored and where coats can be hung.

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Larger units sitting on the floor and have varying levels of functionality depending on the size and shape of the device. Most enclosures come with enough space inside to store different items commonly used before going out the door, or also for storing items no longer needed once a person is inside the house. Antique entryway lockers used mostly for aesthetics, as some can be quite fragile.

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