Kitchen Design with Small Stove Ideas

Jun 5th

Small stove – There is absolutely no reason to feel gravestones of having a small kitchen, as this has many advantages: it is cozier; you will not lose any time in finding what you want because everything is at hand, and not for being small has to be ugly and poorly decorated. Earn light meters with wit always you can get much more out of a house. Here are some ideas of how you can turn your small kitchen into a modern stay and tastefully.

Wood Heating Small Stove
Wood Heating Small Stove

You can do that visually appear wider by creating contrasts of color and light using properly.  If your kitchen is really very small, you can use small stove multipurpose furniture with integrated appliances or include the dining area in the living room.

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A dark wall creates a focus on stainless steel furniture that reflects light and illuminates the room. Place cabinet “U” to squeeze the space, put sliding door to hide without taking up space or use transparent shelves left hand things and not visually occupy. Floating shelves can store utensils and get a lighter lightweight design. An open partition can define two areas in the kitchen: the working and dining area. A small island in the middle of the kitchen will give a chic retro look and is very useful for storage.

Cabinets a bright red color and small stove with stainless steel appliances, bring a masculine touch to this room so feminine. Kitchen furniture in gold color evokes a style of 1925 outstanding. The brightness is a plus in decoration, so you have to promote it and let the light flow that we got it doing an open space without walls.


Have you tried to integrate the kitchen in the living room? By breaking down the walls that delimit it gets brighter and, in general, the whole plant seems wider. A hydraulic floor tiles in acid tones Refine your area. Show your tastes and your personality by decorating, but do not limit yourself to the kitchen.