Connecting a Black Stove Pipe with a Wood Stove

Mar 31st

Stove pipe – Stovepipes are necessary for the proper functioning wood stove. If the tube is not properly connected, leaks and smoke enter the seating area will occur. The black tube is not designed to run all the way out, but only to connect the stove to the chimney and the insulated tube, silver. Because black tube is not isolated, you cannot run through a wall without creating a fire hazard. Inspect the hose connection black stove pipe or chimney isolated silver. You must be securely fastened with screws securely in place. Observe the joints between the horizontal black stove pipe protruding from the L-shaped piece that horizontal piece to the vertical piece is connected, the vertical black stove pipe that connects the stove and chimney. All joints must be firmly seated. Search for holes or excessive oxidation in the black stove pipe. If found, the tube should be replaced.

Vintage stove pipe

Look inside the black stove pipe and make sure nothing is inside. Place the black pipe flange into the hole at the top or the back of the stove. Make sure it is properly seated. Align the holes that go through the edge of the wood with the holes in the rim of the black pipe. Place a metal self-tapping screw into each of these holes and tighten the screws with a screwdriver. Climb to the roof and shine a flashlight down the chimney to check for obstructions.

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Try connecting the stove pipe and chimney flue by building a small fire in the wood stove. If smoke comes billowing out into the room, you can still be a blockage in the tube or chimney. Open the wooden door slightly to create a strong project above the fireplace stove. Once this project is established, it should only take a few minutes, close the door. Inspect the stove pipe black smoke loss or unusual events while the fire burns. Be careful not to touch it, because it is not insulated get extremely hot when the stove is in use.

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