Bohemian Home Decor

May 31st

One of the interior decoration styles is called Bohemian home decor that is of course has its own distinctive characteristics. Some other styles of interior designs are including modern style, traditional style, rustic style, and a couple others more. Originally the word Bohemian was used to describe a kind of lifestyle back then. Today it has been used to call a specific type of interior design having a bit of vintage look that is flexible so that it can be combined with other styles as well.

Diy Bohemian Home Decor
Diy Bohemian Home Decor

Characteristics of Bohemian Home Decor

In dealing with interior decorating the furniture is definitely the most important part in emphasizing the style. As a matter of fact in this style any type or style of the furniture pieces ill easily suitable for it. For example you can get a modern style sofa then simply cover it up using brocade along with bright colored pillows to emphasize the Bohemian accent ideas. It is one important key in bringing Bohemian accent that is by having different colors in one piece or one set of furniture. Regarding the lighting you should look for lighting fixtures producing warm glow. No matter what type of the lighting fixtures as long as they serve the purpose then it will be okay.

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Accessorizing Bohemian Interior Decoration

Aside of the furniture and also lighting that are considered as the important basic feature in interior decorating you might want to consider some accessories for stronger accent of specific style. In relation to the Bohemian style you can enhance your interior by displaying art pieces in form of collage. One easy way to get a collage is by cutting a large picture into several smaller pieces then put them closely so that the actual form of the picture could be seen although they are in separate pieces.

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